Thursday, December 1, 2011

It is very true. You will never learn how to treasure without losing them once. Have you ever tried to make someone happy, taking each and every step to understand a person, and without failing to give your best (I mean with your very sincere and generous heart), but the person ended up saying "oh, that is just a small matter/oh what is so great about that?"....

I am really disappointed this time, I meant it!! Well, perhaps blog and my family are the only place that I can pour my feeling out, yet they won't punch me in my face. Let me remind you once again , please do not confuse jealousy with concern. I concern because I care, you might take it as "jealousy" because you don't understand me much and worst still, you don't care me enough because you mistake my concern with jealousy AND you don't trust me enough to care...

Thursday, November 3, 2011

I will come back and read this one day....and I hope I am all well on that day:)

I had missed out someone/something good in the past. I hope I am not making a wrong decision this time. Sometimes, you can't just figure out why and what get you to make such a lousy decision which causes an unexpected twist that makes you go " ouch!!!am I just gotten up from my dream?"oh,I wish I could turn back the clock~

Or you hope for a change, but it will never~"Face the fact"

When a person makes you think that you don't deserve anything, then you shouldn't spend even a second on him/her :) easy as that.Trust me, not even a glance, coz that glance is actually wasting your time.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

MELBOURNE 29.7.11-1.8.11

Boo-yah!!off to the capital of VICTORY!!

It was indeed a memorable trip for me and US. Unfortunately, I had been a sick cat for the whole journey +however, I got loads of love from my dearest friends and boyfriend+ 'so SICK, NO MORE'
Here it goes...
They are so lovely, aren't they? Uhh Huh~ now I got to rewind back those days we were at the airport:) *sweet smile to myself while refreshing the moment* We were nothing but a busy bees taking photos and wanted to post up on Facebook to tell the world the besties are heading to the "Big City"..LOL!!!

wink wink ;)

Aha ;) We walked all the way to the hotel, it took us bout half an hour, searching and thank God with the GPS!! We found our nest!!

The splendor of antiquity

Here comes the day!! Mount Buller.. aww it is my first time in 23 years seeing snow !not artificial one! Love it much!! Let me keep it short and let the pictures do the talking :)

Can you see the white-ish ice crystal far away?The ocean blue sky, green pasture never stop me from thanking HIM on the wonderful creations

Yeah..we reached the middle point, it took us bout 3 hours...1 more hour to go!!! *excited*

It is a must for a girls' pic!! cheers~

Pretties in the house

It was fun with our toboogan!!

wohoo!!! Can you feel our excitement!!!

August the happy month

Ding Dong!!am back in action guys,have not forgotten my little corner here to jot down all the details about my current living:)....

My mum and sis came for a visit for bout a month, but it was like a second to me,I wish I could be with them forever :( Listening to my sis' lame jokes and my mum' nagging is quite interesting sometimes *can't believe right*

Is her first day of arrival!! *shout for joy*

and she met with Claire for the first time :) 1,2,3..."ka cha"

And till mum' arrival~

We went shopping nearly twice in a week, and see what we got here:) sis was so excited cause she is unable to get such a nice stuff yet reasonable in Malaysia *poor thing*...She has also starved herself from shopping due to her financial incapability as a uni student *sigh sigh sigh * -oh, I went through that stage too okayyy-

Hey, check out her lovely sunny

Wohoo, we did some jump shot too!! That was a real fun spending time with your kin:))

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

It always take me few minutes to click the next button!argh, hesitating and doubting ruled unfortunately.I am lack of confidence when seeing new stuff. O.O..I am not dumb :(,I smell "fear" every time, thus caused me missing out the most important accessory that a successful accountant should have~

Friday, June 24, 2011

Hey peeps! I cooked it!!so proud of myself *wink wink* Flat Rice noodle soup- "Hor Fun"

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Papa's Day

Hi friends, what is father's day to you? I have been thinking for a while before blogging bout this :) is just an ordinary day for my dad and I =) Seeing him living happily and healthily is the biggest joy in me. Thanks for making me who I am today. I was born into a strong traditional family, therefore never had the guts to say "I LOVE YOU" to my dad, yeah never. However, my heart has never stop me from telling my dad that I love him very much =). He is my hero now and forever. Papa...'我爱你' :)


If you are a brekkie lover, I would say 'Alfonso' is the ideal place for you!! This is my fifth time here and they never fail to surprise me with the finger licking good breakfast!!

My all time favorite -Continental Breakfast-

It is heavenly good "yum yum"
- mushrooms
- 2 slices of toast
- 2 scrambled eggs
- 2 pork sausages
- 4 medium size bacon
- 1 tomato

Had all by my own, $13.90 per serve, fair enough :)

Met with Claire and Anjali, they had Avvolto, heard it was awesome, will try that out some other time - $10.90 per serve.

wo~wo~wo~ Look at the juices!! I was convinced by the generosity of the fruits they put into the juice extractor!!! I felt so "boost up" after a sip :P Moreover, you can choose any fruits that you like and start creating your very own healthy fruit juice:)

Anjali: One is not enough!!! Can I have another one? ;)

I had kiwi + strawberries & apples

Till then,there are more updates coming soon =]

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Farewell 16/6/2011

It was a Thursday evening, we were out for dinner as well as dessert. I was feeling a little bit down coz our very beloved friend gona fly back to Malaysia for good. It is a blessing to know you Keat Xiong and it is definitely a lost of not having you around us in Adelaide.

Mr.Keat Xiong Kong

We had our dinner in Korean BBQ on Goodwood Rd, the food was good and I would rate it 6.5/10. The 3.5 was deducted as the flame volume of the portable stove is uncontrollable. Otherwise, it is all well :)

That's our group photo with the smoky ambience :)Ouch, we were so full yet contented and our stomachs were all bloated :3

However, we were so reluctant to say BYE BYE, so we decided to go for the second round!! Wohoo~ give me "five" we were so appetitive that day =]

Eggless!! Here we come!

Tiramisu cake *yummhy-licious*

Honey&black sesame panna cotta *not a good one, don't order:(*

We will never forget to snap some pics for each session, That's who we are :)

and finally.....

-The lovely pic-

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hey peeps!!Just a little to update..

Oh!!!Waking up at 6.30am to work is a big "NO" for me. Surprisingly, I got up straight away after the emergency call (I don't do that normally, will just let the phone snooze like no one else business ;p). 'Perhaps' I am excited to see the lovelies in the childcare? Forgot to mention, I am a relief in City Community Children's Centre since March 2011. It is such a privilege working with children :)Oh yes~it is :)

It has always been "a piece of cake" and there is no such word as "CHALLENGE" in my dictionary when it comes to children.haha!! Do you believe me? O.O *read it on, haha*

I am well qualified and satisfied in all the criteria EXCEPT changing their diapers!! YESH!! This is the real time to say "LAUGH OUT LOUD"? It was a total mess!! -G.O.S.H- I felt for the babies. They hardly utter a word because they are too little to speak. I am seriously driving them dizzy and crazy!! sorry babies :( * I promise to do better okay?* -Phew~what an unforgettable experience-

Mums in the world, YOU ARE GREAT !! "again, it is not easy to raise a child".

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Read it till the End, you will not regret :)

Hi readers, how are ya? Praise God that we are still alive and we are still breathing, our pulse is still pounding..Is a miracle that we get up healthily at the moment we open our eyes.

I have never felt such a rush to give thanks upon my survival.. It is great to see everyone still beside you, the globe is still turning round and round, your friends are still actively update on Facebook and your families back in Malaysia are fine as usual. Give thanks!!!

I am not being excessive emotional here, was quite sullen two days ago when I heard bout my uncle' sudden passed away. Hardly accept the fact :(..He was still there six months back, sitting on the wheelchair, witnessing my brother's wedding ceremony..just a tick tock- a flip of fingers, he is gone. He has gone to a place that I will not see him anymore for the 60years I reckon? (If I am bless enough to live up to 80??)

Ah!! Fearing my beloved leave me and never come back again.Hmm...always tell myself that I am not going to let my loved one leave before me, I rather go before them. sentimental yah:(

Friends, life is short.. if you have not contacted or seeing your PARENTS for such a long long time, you are encouraged to call them or skype them. Is alright with just a few words. People?work?busy life? enjoyment?studies?past event? hatred? that trigger your frustration towards them? Your barriers,which stop you from drawing closer to them? HEY REMEMBER GUYS...We and our PARENTS meet by the will of GOD,it is not by chance or mistake!We live once on earth,and they are our one and only earthly parents, you can't have the second one nor rewind back to request for other parents who you think suit you best.

And yeah~ I am so nostalgic now, missing my parents and my siblings who are quite far away from me, will grab hold of every moment, coz time flies and never come back.

How bout you?

Cheers and lots of love :)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I still choose to cage it and suppress those words and feelings in the bottom of my heart. They will stay and settle as a secret in me forever, no one is able to dig it out. Have you ever encountered what I am currently facing now?.....The feeling isn't good but I still have to overcome it...:)

Friday, June 3, 2011

One of the days in 2011

Is your birthday Zack Wong!!! It was a surprise birthday bash for you! Hope you are stunned dude :p Nah, don't say I din praise you okay, reluctantly put up your charming face with the roses. LOL :P

Renee, Zack, Me and Angel

woah~Take 2, gentleman and ladies

The cards' players!!

Jeshua Yeoh!! I am the winner for the first round. Gosh, you won twice, how could it be? Argh:(

Yes, I "boh song"!! Next round!!!

Angel, hope you love this pic, as I love it very much:) You are gorgeous as usual, can I call you a super model? Look- checked, body figure-checked, height-checked!!

Renee!! She is sweet and pretty as she ought to be:) There are few pics, and so hard to make a choice as you look good in every angle :)Hope you like it.

This is my Friday 3/6/2011!! YESH, IS OVER :) Hope you enjoy the blog my readers :)

Adios <3

Thanks for loving me, I am not perfect but you have brought me through, yes is you Emmanuel:)

This song is dedicated to you my dearest :)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hi friends, how's life? Whoops~ Besides the routine working life, I've done something more than that too ( more meaningful I can say) *chuckle*

We met up for dinner in Astor Bar, yes....pre- birthday warm up for the Miss Gorgeous- Karen Teoh!!!!!

Nice to admire, nice to praise BUT PLEASE STOP DREAMING guys!!! LOL:P

Basically, we had our dinner there, the food was tolerable/acceptable. I would rate it 6/10,other than the 45minutes wait *nearly fainted* phew~

And here is our Group pic...wohoo!! BeautifulS in the house!!!

They are so unique, the very important verse to all my friends :)
Ecclesiastes 4: 9-12

"Two are better than one,for if they fall,one will lift up his companion,but woe to him who is alone when he falls, for he has no one to help him up, again when they lie down together, they will keep warm, but how can one be warm alone? Though one may be overpowered by another, two can withstand him, and a threefold cord is not quickly broken".

-Friends are PART of the valuable assets in one's life-
-We are fearfully and wonderfully made-
Will upload more pic in the coming post, stay tuned :]

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Winter is BACK!!

Wohoo~ I love winter!!Oh yes I do *wicked laugh*. Oh am planning to get myself a coat/thick cool jacket :) Yes..I mean COOL :P...what you reckon?muahaha!any recommendation?It must be black, dark blue, white-ish Grey/White or beige!!!! hmm~

Wouldn't it be over sized for me? I don't like the design thou...but I uberly love the colour ;)

Aww... this is beautiful :)Can I have it?Moreover is B.L.A.C.K!!

Hey guys, put more clothes on and have your winter wear ready ya, IS COLD..yea, I am not kidding *shivering*

I have rested for a week, coz the manager is off to overseas and I don't have to be there, *that's the advantage of being a contractor instead of permanent* Gee~gee :p

What have you done?

Oh within that one week off, I went for an interview in Newton in a tax accounting firm. Well, it is a small firm and I do love the working environment as well as the employer *he is kind of polite and humble* Yah, this is the true characteristic of a successful individual!! -A person cannot go far without a proper attitude and characteristic, they will only slide back or stay stagnant-+-Regardless of what position or profession you are holding on peeps-

Who are THERE for you?

Oh I need to thank God for these people who accompanied me *even though I requested, but who cares if they don't treat you as part of the family members*!! haha..we drove from city all the way to Newton Road *searching for the correct route, with the google tingy as well* Thanks Claire, Fen, Anjali and Joyclyn!! Good memory huh:)

How was it?

Praise the Lord, it was all good. However am still waiting for his reply. There are a lot of things which I have not known and never seen before. Hopefully I am in for the position. Yes, it is in Newton, is quite a distance from my place. It took bout 45minutes to the work place? Nothing comes easy mate :) I am thankful enough of getting a chance for interview d~ "Thank you Lord, without YOU nth is possible".

I think the blog should be ended with a beautiful smile
Hey 'The prettiest accessories on a lady aren't the branded Gucci, Louis Vuitton, or Chanel!! IT IS DEFINITELY A SMILE!!! okay:P

1,2,3 Cheeze~

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Love Language

Hey guys, this is a very meaningful film, hope you enjoy it.

When you stop looking on what YOUR needs and wants are, you will understand that it is not just about YOU-YOURSELF.

-LOVE is beautiful-

Crying is a human nature

Monday, May 16, 2011


She is Kiing :)Is her birthday!!!


She is pretty inside out, hope you have a great one and love what we have prepared for you.

A pretty group photo -16/5/2011- * Seeing your friends being happy is part of the joy in your life, don't you think so :)* We are glad she enjoyed it very much,can't you see it from the pics?

Oh I have to add on, she enjoyed it very much besides than the hug which suffocates her!LOL!!

Till then peeps =)