Wednesday, October 12, 2011

August the happy month

Ding Dong!!am back in action guys,have not forgotten my little corner here to jot down all the details about my current living:)....

My mum and sis came for a visit for bout a month, but it was like a second to me,I wish I could be with them forever :( Listening to my sis' lame jokes and my mum' nagging is quite interesting sometimes *can't believe right*

Is her first day of arrival!! *shout for joy*

and she met with Claire for the first time :) 1,2,3..."ka cha"

And till mum' arrival~

We went shopping nearly twice in a week, and see what we got here:) sis was so excited cause she is unable to get such a nice stuff yet reasonable in Malaysia *poor thing*...She has also starved herself from shopping due to her financial incapability as a uni student *sigh sigh sigh * -oh, I went through that stage too okayyy-

Hey, check out her lovely sunny

Wohoo, we did some jump shot too!! That was a real fun spending time with your kin:))

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