Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Winter is BACK!!

Wohoo~ I love winter!!Oh yes I do *wicked laugh*. Oh am planning to get myself a coat/thick cool jacket :) Yes..I mean COOL :P...what you reckon?muahaha!any recommendation?It must be black, dark blue, white-ish Grey/White or beige!!!! hmm~

Wouldn't it be over sized for me? I don't like the design thou...but I uberly love the colour ;)

Aww... this is beautiful :)Can I have it?Moreover is B.L.A.C.K!!

Hey guys, put more clothes on and have your winter wear ready ya, IS COLD..yea, I am not kidding *shivering*

I have rested for a week, coz the manager is off to overseas and I don't have to be there, *that's the advantage of being a contractor instead of permanent* Gee~gee :p

What have you done?

Oh within that one week off, I went for an interview in Newton in a tax accounting firm. Well, it is a small firm and I do love the working environment as well as the employer *he is kind of polite and humble* Yah, this is the true characteristic of a successful individual!! -A person cannot go far without a proper attitude and characteristic, they will only slide back or stay stagnant-+-Regardless of what position or profession you are holding on peeps-

Who are THERE for you?

Oh I need to thank God for these people who accompanied me *even though I requested, but who cares if they don't treat you as part of the family members*!! haha..we drove from city all the way to Newton Road *searching for the correct route, with the google tingy as well* Thanks Claire, Fen, Anjali and Joyclyn!! Good memory huh:)

How was it?

Praise the Lord, it was all good. However am still waiting for his reply. There are a lot of things which I have not known and never seen before. Hopefully I am in for the position. Yes, it is in Newton, is quite a distance from my place. It took bout 45minutes to the work place? Nothing comes easy mate :) I am thankful enough of getting a chance for interview d~ "Thank you Lord, without YOU nth is possible".

I think the blog should be ended with a beautiful smile
Hey 'The prettiest accessories on a lady aren't the branded Gucci, Louis Vuitton, or Chanel!! IT IS DEFINITELY A SMILE!!! okay:P

1,2,3 Cheeze~

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Love Language

Hey guys, this is a very meaningful film, hope you enjoy it.

When you stop looking on what YOUR needs and wants are, you will understand that it is not just about YOU-YOURSELF.

-LOVE is beautiful-

Crying is a human nature

Monday, May 16, 2011


She is Kiing :)Is her birthday!!!


She is pretty inside out, hope you have a great one and love what we have prepared for you.

A pretty group photo -16/5/2011- * Seeing your friends being happy is part of the joy in your life, don't you think so :)* We are glad she enjoyed it very much,can't you see it from the pics?

Oh I have to add on, she enjoyed it very much besides than the hug which suffocates her!LOL!!

Till then peeps =)

Friday, May 13, 2011

A Moment like this

Hey friends, I have got a very interesting week, ups and downs came along, however am still surviving, thank God:)

I've just went through a tough week at work.It doesn't matter, at least I learned,isn't it? :)

Yes, this is exactly my face expression at work. GRRRH~
*Studying is MUCH MORE BETTER than WORKING*..... trust me once please, I dare not tell people I hate assignments anymore :x, coz working life equivalent to NO LIFE.

Am not perplex tho coz I have a great God above all. Hey, you have really inspired me with this-*世上无难事,只怕有心人=)* you know who you are my friend :) -If there is a WILL, there is always a WAY- .This is so true.

*p/s Mummy and Joycey* SHE is my intercessor and prayer warrior.After your prayer, I am all well :)SHE got her shoulder for me, SHE got her hugs for me, SHE got her ears for me and SHE IS ALWAYS WITH ME WHENEVER I NEED SUPPORT :)This is what we called an angel from God.Thanks Lord.

-A moment like this some people wait a life time, for a moment like this some people search forever, but would you believe me, I FOUND!I found and I will cherish all the moment-

Joycey and I

and YEA...She is the reason I never give up myself.Thx mum <3

Wohoo~ so what?so what with the stressful workplace?..I break the chain, cox of this bunch of amazing people, I decided to go for a K-SESSION to release my tension. You guys R.O.C.K!

We are sentimental people, OH YEAH~ WE ARE!!!Don't cha think so?LOL :P
From left to right: Jeshua, Joyce, Yeanyee, Doreen, and Yuanrenn.

Guys, when you turn back and look on what you have actually gone through in your life after years, you will realise there are many trusty friends and family members that you can count on and you can't afford to lose them :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Crushed but not Destroyed

I am absolutely disappointed today. Well, is my very first day of work in the entire of my life. And YES, FIRST TIME, FIRST DAY! but everything upside down!Is it my fault? No~ I don't think so.

Have anyone of you experienced this before?...oh I feel like crying :(
I am kind of sensitive person, I can easily sense the atmosphere/ situation when thing goes wrong. I do not have six sense, please don't get me wrong :p. I went to office at 10.30am, and I reluctantly came back at 12.30.

Me: Hi, good morning.

She: Hi, oh we are all very busy today, so please go and set up your computer.

Me: Okay (in a very calm voice, *deep down in my heart-I am here to work too, you said as if I come here sit or relax* sigh~ 'Process of fixing up'. Erm, excuse me, can I have the MYOB software back up to install in my computer please?

She: Huh? I thought you already installed one in your computer? Don't you?

Me: Huh??? I didn't and I thought you will transfer yours to mine?

She: Did you see the link I sent to you by mail?

Me: ??? yes, I did, but I didn't know what's that and you didn't tell me. I thought
is some kind of link and policy. * deep down in my heart again, "HELLO, YOU SHOULD HAVE INFORMED ME"!!!I AM NOT A PSYCHIC!!

She: Please give me your pendrive.

Me: Given and again the installation isn't working.. (Oh friends, do you understand my feeling? I am here to do your account NOT installation).

She: You come back tomorrow then.

I am seriously despaired. I really want to give my best in this job, but don't you think you are unreasonable without lending a hand to the new comer?

Lovely people :) I desperately need prayers from all of you. Thank you :)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother' Day to you Mummy!!! I know I don't have to celebrate it only on this particular day, because you told me everyday is a mother's day if I keep you in my heart:)You are the most incredible mum on earth and yes I LOVE YOU!!!Muackz:*

The wonderful people in the weekend/s

Happy moments always pass that quickly, it is just like a lightning :(. The happiest thing will be the person/people/situation that you actually spending time with. On the other hand, here comes the saddest thing,it can only be remembered or it will always remain a memory to us, you can't go back and have them once again or just act it out in the future, coz it is -JUST NOT THE SAME ANYMORE-.

I truly believe every single thing or individual that exist in my life isn't a coincident, it's definitely the will of God to happen for a reason. Since I came to Adelaide for about two years and 5 months, everything changed and my perception changed gradually as well (without exaggerating). I became a different person, not the old me tho :)The biggest changes in me is the inner appreciation of friendship, and I have ever mentioned that before, "I have finally walked out from the comfort zone, therefore I see things differently" and yes you!you!you and YOU!!!! are part of my life journey which I needed to run better in the race:)

There is a very meaningful verse to me in bible Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 Two are better than one :)So, dear friends, if you ever felt lonely and have no one to turn to, please look at your shadow and think of those who constantly care for you and accompany you along the journey, they will never leave or abandon you :)cheers mate!!!

Yes, she is my besties Joyce and he is my besties too- Emmanuel :*

You are awesome, you have always got a place in my heart

AND....ALL the wonderful YOU !

Having a weekend spent with the beautiful people watching movies :) Hmm...totally loving it:)and also the most delicious dessert in Adelaide, some say Australia :p

Made by Mr. Yuan Renn Oii

The two very blessed ladies on earth stand a chance to taste it :)

It was so yummy-licious and we can't resist the temptation to have the second one

Is me!!!!SLURrrp.......burp~

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Feet - Penguin Dance

Haha! I know size can be daunting,but don't be afraid :p

Awhhh.... I miss watching happy feet with my dearest, it brings back the memories I had with you. I have watched it for more than three times? It is not bored at all!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Shopping spree

....."boring".....thup!thup!thup! *walking along the corridor, then looked into the mirror, smile*.. turned back and slowly dragged myself to the cozy room*...."paused for a second, *too boring till I need to smile to the mirror, self satisfied*..SWEAT!!!....taking out all the new stuffs from harbour town two weeks ago and months back in Malaysia, they are all safe under my bed :) to be continued....

That's the story began :p
Whenever I felt boring or stranded in the comfortable home, I will tend to take out all my clothes, put them on mostly ONE BY ONE, and take them down AGAIN! Girls out there, are u the same?LOL!! BUT ( there is always a but for me, readers please don't hate me < evil laugh..muahahahha>.. I rather repeat the action million, billions, trillions, zilliions "u name it" THAN sitting at home and rushing off for assignments like what my fellow friends currently doing! hey, wait a minute.. I'm somehow despair coz m trying my every effort hunting for a JOB!! :(

Back to the topic peeps:)

we went in group and yes four beauties and a prince (WHY prince?)...check it out then :p

Let me introduce the shopaholics from left to right:
Yen Shiang, Joyce, Charlene and ME

Oh~ I heart this winter wear SHOOO MUCH,unfortunately it is not mine:(

And most importantly, He is the troop who drove us ( the little army/follower) to SHOP!We came all the way accompanied him to get his very very COOL winter clothe, HE IS A PRINCE, isn't he? :)

I felt so guilty after shopping, however m contented :p.wohoo~