Wednesday, May 8, 2013

It takes years to build a trust and second to destroy! Have you heard of that?

I am just being so angry and the great sense of disappointment just overwhelmed me! Have you ever tried working your best for the day but someone just condemned you and throw tantrum 'INDIRECTLY' at you saying "JUST BEING SO LAZY" (hello!!!who??who else?? look left and right? *NO ONE BESIDES YOU* !!! - asking yourself silently <isthatme> Hey dumbo! +YAH OF COURSE IS 'YOU'+

Have you ever encountered working hard till your lungs nearly fell off and you are told off  "not working hard" when there are more people in the store are many times lazier than you and being so irresponsible in every job given? oh well  if you said that out of your emotion, then I can 100% confirmed you are so low in Emotion Quotient. 

Hey ya! I know you do not have to pay any cents saying 'SORRY', but it makes me think that your apology is just a piece of blank paper and worthless as you are! You just don't earn my respect as before anymore. Actually, you are just the same as the other bosses out there "money can buy respect". As for me, you will not how to respect others if you don't respect yourself. If you expect me to take it easy in everything, meaning you are just an easy person who will receive any shits that I produced.

Your emotions and unprocessed words just tell me how UGLY you are