Tuesday, November 27, 2012

"When you feel overwhelmed and you’re tempted to take everything into your own hands, you have to make yourself be still. The battle is not yours. The battle is the Lord’s."
There are so many things that I worried and thought about these few weeks.I am trying my best to endure it and finding the "so called" solutions to perfect the circumstances. However I am so limited in doing all with one brain,pair of hands and only one body. Worrying isn't the best way to solve the problem, overcoming and breakthrough IS.. and I knew I am not alone, HE is always with me and HE knows what is the best for me.I am alright after knowing HE never leave me even once.

  Thank you Lord

Monday, November 26, 2012

Sesame overload

I was actually very bothered today with all the words spoken to me in my workplace. However, I felt a lot better after hanging out with this bunch of DEARIES! Look..how adorable they are :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A simple but lovely day

I ended my day with a warm yet smiley heart. Nothing really shakes my heart recently till I heard a lovely words from my boss today. Aww~ it literally melts my heart.*Especially a hectic day* How many of the married couples will be that wise in their words?Hmm~I mean for a husband to praise their wife in a very deep meaning of love other than "I LOVE YOU, I MISS YOU etc". HOLD ON! My boss does :)
John:Today is Celine's birthday

Me: Oh yea? *smile*. (out of no where, my head pop out this question and directed my tongue to speak). Wow~ Celine? So does she look like Celine Dion? *chuckled a bit*. Actually I just tried to find some topic not to be ignorant of him telling me today is his wife's birthday.

John: (Without even a bit of hesitation plus his firm answer and serious expression with a sense of happiness), He replies: NOPE,She is far more beautiful than Celine Dion, and ended his words with a gentle smile and great satisfaction on his facial expression :)
I am so regret that I didn't record what he said.I should have taken it down and send it to his wife :D. What do you think? It really made my day :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

我太冷静,是我没有回头的原因.. 好像爱没有离去, 过去,我听见了一颗真心;穿越伤痛还跳动我的记忆.. 可惜我没有让步的理由... 我太冷静,是我没有眷恋的原因.. 闭上眼看着你走..

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A scary yet memorable winter

This winter is driving me nuts!!!Now I looked back, it did wake me up from a nightmare that I have never thought I would diagnose with a kind of rash called PITYRIASIS ROSEA . It is somehow so freaking scary just by looking at it, will show you some pics.
My palms, trust me is more that what you see in this pic
They are all over my body such as trunks, arms, under arms, palms,hands and legs, as well as neck!!!Can you imagine all those bumpy red dots spreading all over you and IT LOOKS EXTREMELY NASTY!!!
My superb boy friend without even a single knowledge of medical told me off that I could have Pityriasis Rosea before consulting any GPs or Dermatologist. haha....I simply didn't take his words because he might be wrong??? oh now, I appreciate him, and I call him a DOCTOR now, even he isn't...because he knew it simply by doing a research and checking on my skin condition, Isn't he smart?haha!! Imagine I didn't know what they are at the first to second weeks till it got worst, and I really can't stand it, hence go for a check up, AND seriously being an outsiders in Australia is such a disadvantage. I got to bear the high medical costs without any medicare cover, few hundreds just gone in few seconds! It is ridiculous :(.. Here the testimony I was so worried till I had few sleepless night and waking up at night to check if condition getting any serious (that is before going to a doctor). I called my family and also few close one to pray for me, and thank God..I waking up each morning with such a great improvement in me seeing the red scaly flaky and bumpy dots fading plus "God gives me the wisdom asking me to consult a dermatologist immediately". Today, I am all well getting the protection from Jesus and confirmation from Dr. Sturt that I got a viral rash called Pityriasis Rosea. This rash will take up to 6 to 12 weeks to heal by itself and there is no medication for it, HOWEVER the good thing is it strikes ONCE and for all:) It took me some guts to blog bout this but thinking to ease the unfortunate/S worries, it is all worthwhile. Trust me, it is a faith challenging experience :) But I still need to praise God for his wonder healing:)

Sunday, July 15, 2012

The days might be the same as yesterday, The world is still turning round and round as usual, BUT I truly know that I have an amazing God who is going to paint a beautiful rainbow in my life and HE IS JESUS:) Have a wonderful week ahead, you might face loads of obstacles or running smoothly on your path, regardless what they are.."YOU ARE NOT ALONE" XOXO

Sunday, May 27, 2012

The "emo" post

I MISS THEM "SO" MUCH!and I gotta go back to square!! Having my parents and aunt with me just lightened each day of my life, and family is definitely one of the most important drivers in my life and that's also one of the reasons I smile. Two months passed away just so quickly and I don't even realized they already been here for approximately "60" days, Well nothing much bout the days but the relationship that counts.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

oh My Miranda! She is gorgeous much . Not only that, she has been voted as the most beautiful person in year 2012, and a shocking secret is, she is already a mum yet she can still be that sexyhh and young.Muah~ proud to be your fans! xoxo, ME

Monday, April 30, 2012

Do not live the treasure undiscovered, do not die with treasure that remained still in you.

Monday, March 19, 2012


FINALLY!! I have been waited for my sis's wedding photos and well IT IS HERE:)

Enjoy the beautiful pic guys =D

Monday, February 27, 2012

Am still alive!!

Hi readers, am back in action duh~It has been a long long time since I last blogged. Well, some people even asked what had happened to my facebook and no updates or movements going round.haha, oh well!! I check my FB almost 'EVERYDAY'but not replying any. "SORRY" :P

All is well with me, and I just got back from Malaysia two weeks ago and am contented with my current job but not 100% as I am still looking around and trying hard to sit for Ielts in order to pass my permanent residency application. Fuh, why is it so tough yea? "scratching head". I really had a fabulous time back in Malaysia,experiencing Chinese New Year with my beloved family members,so the life is basically eating, sleeping, travelling to KL and enjoying life to the max.

I really love spending time with my family as the feelings are VERY different compared to friends :)

Till then, see you soon


Who am I? I am truly YOURS :)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I have came through tumblr today and found this very meaningful note, and no one else but you who popped in my mind among the friends. Well,you aren't my friends but a close kin that I can trust,lean on, and share my joys and difficulties other than my dearest family and boyfriend:) This is a message for you, just reserve for you my best friend -Ng yun yun <3-

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Just a little updates here.

2012 has been treating me good so far and I am anticipating for the best. I can never stop thanking God for he has been gracious to me all these while. Even though I haven't got a chance to work in a big four (it is always my dream and still ongoing), this doesn't stop me from trusting him. He knows my strengths and weaknesses, and at least God is still blessing me with other accounting jobs which enable me to sustain my current living:) So guys, just to encourage you never stop praying, as prayers work!!
That's one of my new year resolutions, how bout you?Did you have a great new year? Well, I had my very first new year celebrated in Australia
Being in a small little town-Adelaide on 1st of January 2012 isn't a pain for me, as I am not a party kind. However still need some sparks to light up our new year, agree with it Adelaideans?

Let me show you the beautiful fireworks!!

They were gorgeous much, aren't they?

Besides that, the bunch of lovelies had a group photo too:)

Of course, I will never leave you out my Darling, being able to spend every new year with you is truly a blessing <3

I just noticed you are a charcoal:o

Monday, January 2, 2012



Hi guys, would love to take this opportunity to wish you a very prosperous, healthy, joyful and blessed 2012. I take new year seriously because it represents the brand new me,how bout you? 2011 was indeed a down for me as the resolutions have not been achieved so far. So, do I still intend to make resolutions?hmm...I don't think so, because I think prayers are more important than whatever resolutions out there.

A mundane life was best to describe me in the past year. I had been hoping much,but how bout actions?? Therefore, people always say "A dream without an action is dead".

Anticipating a breakthrough in 2012, BYE 2011!!
Have a fantastic year peeps!!!
AH~God, do you just speak to me?

I will give my hands to anyone out there no matter what, but does everyone deserve that? Sometimes I am just being too busy body..I meant it :)