Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Winter is BACK!!

Wohoo~ I love winter!!Oh yes I do *wicked laugh*. Oh am planning to get myself a coat/thick cool jacket :) Yes..I mean COOL :P...what you reckon?muahaha!any recommendation?It must be black, dark blue, white-ish Grey/White or beige!!!! hmm~

Wouldn't it be over sized for me? I don't like the design thou...but I uberly love the colour ;)

Aww... this is beautiful :)Can I have it?Moreover is B.L.A.C.K!!

Hey guys, put more clothes on and have your winter wear ready ya, IS COLD..yea, I am not kidding *shivering*

I have rested for a week, coz the manager is off to overseas and I don't have to be there, *that's the advantage of being a contractor instead of permanent* Gee~gee :p

What have you done?

Oh within that one week off, I went for an interview in Newton in a tax accounting firm. Well, it is a small firm and I do love the working environment as well as the employer *he is kind of polite and humble* Yah, this is the true characteristic of a successful individual!! -A person cannot go far without a proper attitude and characteristic, they will only slide back or stay stagnant-+-Regardless of what position or profession you are holding on peeps-

Who are THERE for you?

Oh I need to thank God for these people who accompanied me *even though I requested, but who cares if they don't treat you as part of the family members*!! haha..we drove from city all the way to Newton Road *searching for the correct route, with the google tingy as well* Thanks Claire, Fen, Anjali and Joyclyn!! Good memory huh:)

How was it?

Praise the Lord, it was all good. However am still waiting for his reply. There are a lot of things which I have not known and never seen before. Hopefully I am in for the position. Yes, it is in Newton, is quite a distance from my place. It took bout 45minutes to the work place? Nothing comes easy mate :) I am thankful enough of getting a chance for interview d~ "Thank you Lord, without YOU nth is possible".

I think the blog should be ended with a beautiful smile
Hey 'The prettiest accessories on a lady aren't the branded Gucci, Louis Vuitton, or Chanel!! IT IS DEFINITELY A SMILE!!! okay:P

1,2,3 Cheeze~

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