Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hey peeps!!Just a little to update..

Oh!!!Waking up at 6.30am to work is a big "NO" for me. Surprisingly, I got up straight away after the emergency call (I don't do that normally, will just let the phone snooze like no one else business ;p). 'Perhaps' I am excited to see the lovelies in the childcare? Forgot to mention, I am a relief in City Community Children's Centre since March 2011. It is such a privilege working with children :)Oh yes~it is :)

It has always been "a piece of cake" and there is no such word as "CHALLENGE" in my dictionary when it comes to children.haha!! Do you believe me? O.O *read it on, haha*

I am well qualified and satisfied in all the criteria EXCEPT changing their diapers!! YESH!! This is the real time to say "LAUGH OUT LOUD"? It was a total mess!! -G.O.S.H- I felt for the babies. They hardly utter a word because they are too little to speak. I am seriously driving them dizzy and crazy!! sorry babies :( * I promise to do better okay?* -Phew~what an unforgettable experience-

Mums in the world, YOU ARE GREAT !! "again, it is not easy to raise a child".

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