Wednesday, October 12, 2011

MELBOURNE 29.7.11-1.8.11

Boo-yah!!off to the capital of VICTORY!!

It was indeed a memorable trip for me and US. Unfortunately, I had been a sick cat for the whole journey +however, I got loads of love from my dearest friends and boyfriend+ 'so SICK, NO MORE'
Here it goes...
They are so lovely, aren't they? Uhh Huh~ now I got to rewind back those days we were at the airport:) *sweet smile to myself while refreshing the moment* We were nothing but a busy bees taking photos and wanted to post up on Facebook to tell the world the besties are heading to the "Big City"..LOL!!!

wink wink ;)

Aha ;) We walked all the way to the hotel, it took us bout half an hour, searching and thank God with the GPS!! We found our nest!!

The splendor of antiquity

Here comes the day!! Mount Buller.. aww it is my first time in 23 years seeing snow !not artificial one! Love it much!! Let me keep it short and let the pictures do the talking :)

Can you see the white-ish ice crystal far away?The ocean blue sky, green pasture never stop me from thanking HIM on the wonderful creations

Yeah..we reached the middle point, it took us bout 3 hours...1 more hour to go!!! *excited*

It is a must for a girls' pic!! cheers~

Pretties in the house

It was fun with our toboogan!!

wohoo!!! Can you feel our excitement!!!

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