Saturday, June 18, 2011

Farewell 16/6/2011

It was a Thursday evening, we were out for dinner as well as dessert. I was feeling a little bit down coz our very beloved friend gona fly back to Malaysia for good. It is a blessing to know you Keat Xiong and it is definitely a lost of not having you around us in Adelaide.

Mr.Keat Xiong Kong

We had our dinner in Korean BBQ on Goodwood Rd, the food was good and I would rate it 6.5/10. The 3.5 was deducted as the flame volume of the portable stove is uncontrollable. Otherwise, it is all well :)

That's our group photo with the smoky ambience :)Ouch, we were so full yet contented and our stomachs were all bloated :3

However, we were so reluctant to say BYE BYE, so we decided to go for the second round!! Wohoo~ give me "five" we were so appetitive that day =]

Eggless!! Here we come!

Tiramisu cake *yummhy-licious*

Honey&black sesame panna cotta *not a good one, don't order:(*

We will never forget to snap some pics for each session, That's who we are :)

and finally.....

-The lovely pic-

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