Friday, June 3, 2011

One of the days in 2011

Is your birthday Zack Wong!!! It was a surprise birthday bash for you! Hope you are stunned dude :p Nah, don't say I din praise you okay, reluctantly put up your charming face with the roses. LOL :P

Renee, Zack, Me and Angel

woah~Take 2, gentleman and ladies

The cards' players!!

Jeshua Yeoh!! I am the winner for the first round. Gosh, you won twice, how could it be? Argh:(

Yes, I "boh song"!! Next round!!!

Angel, hope you love this pic, as I love it very much:) You are gorgeous as usual, can I call you a super model? Look- checked, body figure-checked, height-checked!!

Renee!! She is sweet and pretty as she ought to be:) There are few pics, and so hard to make a choice as you look good in every angle :)Hope you like it.

This is my Friday 3/6/2011!! YESH, IS OVER :) Hope you enjoy the blog my readers :)

Adios <3

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