Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Read it till the End, you will not regret :)

Hi readers, how are ya? Praise God that we are still alive and we are still breathing, our pulse is still pounding..Is a miracle that we get up healthily at the moment we open our eyes.

I have never felt such a rush to give thanks upon my survival.. It is great to see everyone still beside you, the globe is still turning round and round, your friends are still actively update on Facebook and your families back in Malaysia are fine as usual. Give thanks!!!

I am not being excessive emotional here, was quite sullen two days ago when I heard bout my uncle' sudden passed away. Hardly accept the fact :(..He was still there six months back, sitting on the wheelchair, witnessing my brother's wedding ceremony..just a tick tock- a flip of fingers, he is gone. He has gone to a place that I will not see him anymore for the 60years I reckon? (If I am bless enough to live up to 80??)

Ah!! Fearing my beloved leave me and never come back again.Hmm...always tell myself that I am not going to let my loved one leave before me, I rather go before them. woah...so sentimental yah:(

Friends, life is short.. if you have not contacted or seeing your PARENTS for such a long long time, you are encouraged to call them or skype them. Is alright with just a few words. People?work?busy life? enjoyment?studies?past event? hatred? that trigger your frustration towards them? Your barriers,which stop you from drawing closer to them? HEY REMEMBER GUYS...We and our PARENTS meet by the will of GOD,it is not by chance or mistake!We live once on earth,and they are our one and only earthly parents, you can't have the second one nor rewind back to request for other parents who you think suit you best.

And yeah~ I am so nostalgic now, missing my parents and my siblings who are quite far away from me, will grab hold of every moment, coz time flies and never come back.

How bout you?

Cheers and lots of love :)

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