Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I have came through tumblr today and found this very meaningful note, and no one else but you who popped in my mind among the friends. Well,you aren't my friends but a close kin that I can trust,lean on, and share my joys and difficulties other than my dearest family and boyfriend:) This is a message for you, just reserve for you my best friend -Ng yun yun <3-

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Just a little updates here.

2012 has been treating me good so far and I am anticipating for the best. I can never stop thanking God for he has been gracious to me all these while. Even though I haven't got a chance to work in a big four (it is always my dream and still ongoing), this doesn't stop me from trusting him. He knows my strengths and weaknesses, and at least God is still blessing me with other accounting jobs which enable me to sustain my current living:) So guys, just to encourage you never stop praying, as prayers work!!
That's one of my new year resolutions, how bout you?Did you have a great new year? Well, I had my very first new year celebrated in Australia
Being in a small little town-Adelaide on 1st of January 2012 isn't a pain for me, as I am not a party kind. However still need some sparks to light up our new year, agree with it Adelaideans?

Let me show you the beautiful fireworks!!

They were gorgeous much, aren't they?

Besides that, the bunch of lovelies had a group photo too:)

Of course, I will never leave you out my Darling, being able to spend every new year with you is truly a blessing <3

I just noticed you are a charcoal:o

Monday, January 2, 2012



Hi guys, would love to take this opportunity to wish you a very prosperous, healthy, joyful and blessed 2012. I take new year seriously because it represents the brand new me,how bout you? 2011 was indeed a down for me as the resolutions have not been achieved so far. So, do I still intend to make resolutions?hmm...I don't think so, because I think prayers are more important than whatever resolutions out there.

A mundane life was best to describe me in the past year. I had been hoping much,but how bout actions?? Therefore, people always say "A dream without an action is dead".

Anticipating a breakthrough in 2012, BYE 2011!!
Have a fantastic year peeps!!!
AH~God, do you just speak to me?

I will give my hands to anyone out there no matter what, but does everyone deserve that? Sometimes I am just being too busy body..I meant it :)