Sunday, June 19, 2011


If you are a brekkie lover, I would say 'Alfonso' is the ideal place for you!! This is my fifth time here and they never fail to surprise me with the finger licking good breakfast!!

My all time favorite -Continental Breakfast-

It is heavenly good "yum yum"
- mushrooms
- 2 slices of toast
- 2 scrambled eggs
- 2 pork sausages
- 4 medium size bacon
- 1 tomato

Had all by my own, $13.90 per serve, fair enough :)

Met with Claire and Anjali, they had Avvolto, heard it was awesome, will try that out some other time - $10.90 per serve.

wo~wo~wo~ Look at the juices!! I was convinced by the generosity of the fruits they put into the juice extractor!!! I felt so "boost up" after a sip :P Moreover, you can choose any fruits that you like and start creating your very own healthy fruit juice:)

Anjali: One is not enough!!! Can I have another one? ;)

I had kiwi + strawberries & apples

Till then,there are more updates coming soon =]

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