Saturday, April 30, 2011


There are so many thoughts in me these days. Issues regarding my career, relationship, and family are the primary, some people called it as "stages of life". I know I need to be very firm on my stand and never fail to conceive the hidden theory in me as DETERMINATION and PERSEVERANCE speak the life of one's success. Therefore I must constantly endeavor.

However, all these words are seriously a trash if I only say it without any actions. Fear and impatience are the biggest stumbling block to me, they have really affected me in many areas of life. Someone ever told me " You will never see a beautiful rainbow without a little rain" and "You will never learn how to treasure someone or something if you never had an experience of failing to get or belong them". So, must I fail once in order to have it? Perhaps, YES :) I know YOU are always there for me,this is one of my letter to you LORD ( When all else fade, YOU shine).Thank you :)

Hey, I am honestly feeling better after blogging..:p

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