Sunday, April 17, 2011

A person who made my heart tears

It is indeed a good Sunday for me and my heart cries ( this is what I could say) :) . This wonderful boy has somehow makes me feel that I am so blessed.

Me: *Keep scrolling* this your family?
He: *gentle smile* yes.
Me: M so innocent and yet *having a bad habit of asking the wrong questions every time*.. *glancing through everyone in the small little pic*. Is this your mum?
He: Yes
Me: Oh then is this your dad * pointing at the pic showing him a mid forty man*
He: nope
Me: Oh then how bout this? This must be your dad then *pointing a seventy years old man in the pic*
He: no yean yee * clarifying in a very gentle and reluctant tone"
Me: Oh where is your dad? *i honestly feel like slapping myself after so many questions* and I am so excited to know where is his dad *out of curiosity i guessed*
He: ( Anywhere I don feel like telling the readers his respond) ... "He is so brave indeed, and I believe he is not alone in this journey, cox I am willing to be his listener and trusty friend if no one else could".

This song is dedicated to you my friend,and if you have got a chance to read my blog:)

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