Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Shopping spree

....."boring".....thup!thup!thup! *walking along the corridor, then looked into the mirror, smile*.. turned back and slowly dragged myself to the cozy room*...."paused for a second, *too boring till I need to smile to the mirror, self satisfied*..SWEAT!!!....taking out all the new stuffs from harbour town two weeks ago and months back in Malaysia, they are all safe under my bed :) to be continued....

That's the story began :p
Whenever I felt boring or stranded in the comfortable home, I will tend to take out all my clothes, put them on mostly ONE BY ONE, and take them down AGAIN! Girls out there, are u the same?LOL!! BUT ( there is always a but for me, readers please don't hate me < evil laugh..muahahahha>.. I rather repeat the action million, billions, trillions, zilliions "u name it" THAN sitting at home and rushing off for assignments like what my fellow friends currently doing! hey, wait a minute.. I'm somehow despair coz m trying my every effort hunting for a JOB!! :(

Back to the topic peeps:)

we went in group and yes four beauties and a prince (WHY prince?)...check it out then :p

Let me introduce the shopaholics from left to right:
Yen Shiang, Joyce, Charlene and ME

Oh~ I heart this winter wear SHOOO MUCH,unfortunately it is not mine:(

And most importantly, He is the troop who drove us ( the little army/follower) to SHOP!We came all the way accompanied him to get his very very COOL winter clothe, HE IS A PRINCE, isn't he? :)

I felt so guilty after shopping, however m contented :p.wohoo~

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