Friday, May 13, 2011

A Moment like this

Hey friends, I have got a very interesting week, ups and downs came along, however am still surviving, thank God:)

I've just went through a tough week at work.It doesn't matter, at least I learned,isn't it? :)

Yes, this is exactly my face expression at work. GRRRH~
*Studying is MUCH MORE BETTER than WORKING*..... trust me once please, I dare not tell people I hate assignments anymore :x, coz working life equivalent to NO LIFE.

Am not perplex tho coz I have a great God above all. Hey, you have really inspired me with this-*世上无难事,只怕有心人=)* you know who you are my friend :) -If there is a WILL, there is always a WAY- .This is so true.

*p/s Mummy and Joycey* SHE is my intercessor and prayer warrior.After your prayer, I am all well :)SHE got her shoulder for me, SHE got her hugs for me, SHE got her ears for me and SHE IS ALWAYS WITH ME WHENEVER I NEED SUPPORT :)This is what we called an angel from God.Thanks Lord.

-A moment like this some people wait a life time, for a moment like this some people search forever, but would you believe me, I FOUND!I found and I will cherish all the moment-

Joycey and I

and YEA...She is the reason I never give up myself.Thx mum <3

Wohoo~ so what?so what with the stressful workplace?..I break the chain, cox of this bunch of amazing people, I decided to go for a K-SESSION to release my tension. You guys R.O.C.K!

We are sentimental people, OH YEAH~ WE ARE!!!Don't cha think so?LOL :P
From left to right: Jeshua, Joyce, Yeanyee, Doreen, and Yuanrenn.

Guys, when you turn back and look on what you have actually gone through in your life after years, you will realise there are many trusty friends and family members that you can count on and you can't afford to lose them :)

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