Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Crushed but not Destroyed

I am absolutely disappointed today. Well, is my very first day of work in the entire of my life. And YES, FIRST TIME, FIRST DAY! but everything upside down!Is it my fault? No~ I don't think so.

Have anyone of you experienced this before?...oh I feel like crying :(
I am kind of sensitive person, I can easily sense the atmosphere/ situation when thing goes wrong. I do not have six sense, please don't get me wrong :p. I went to office at 10.30am, and I reluctantly came back at 12.30.

Me: Hi, good morning.

She: Hi, oh we are all very busy today, so please go and set up your computer.

Me: Okay (in a very calm voice, *deep down in my heart-I am here to work too, you said as if I come here sit or relax* sigh~ 'Process of fixing up'. Erm, excuse me, can I have the MYOB software back up to install in my computer please?

She: Huh? I thought you already installed one in your computer? Don't you?

Me: Huh??? I didn't and I thought you will transfer yours to mine?

She: Did you see the link I sent to you by mail?

Me: ??? yes, I did, but I didn't know what's that and you didn't tell me. I thought
is some kind of link and policy. * deep down in my heart again, "HELLO, YOU SHOULD HAVE INFORMED ME"!!!I AM NOT A PSYCHIC!!

She: Please give me your pendrive.

Me: Given and again the installation isn't working.. (Oh friends, do you understand my feeling? I am here to do your account NOT installation).

She: You come back tomorrow then.

I am seriously despaired. I really want to give my best in this job, but don't you think you are unreasonable without lending a hand to the new comer?

Lovely people :) I desperately need prayers from all of you. Thank you :)

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