Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A simple but lovely day

I ended my day with a warm yet smiley heart. Nothing really shakes my heart recently till I heard a lovely words from my boss today. Aww~ it literally melts my heart.*Especially a hectic day* How many of the married couples will be that wise in their words?Hmm~I mean for a husband to praise their wife in a very deep meaning of love other than "I LOVE YOU, I MISS YOU etc". HOLD ON! My boss does :)
John:Today is Celine's birthday

Me: Oh yea? *smile*. (out of no where, my head pop out this question and directed my tongue to speak). Wow~ Celine? So does she look like Celine Dion? *chuckled a bit*. Actually I just tried to find some topic not to be ignorant of him telling me today is his wife's birthday.

John: (Without even a bit of hesitation plus his firm answer and serious expression with a sense of happiness), He replies: NOPE,She is far more beautiful than Celine Dion, and ended his words with a gentle smile and great satisfaction on his facial expression :)
I am so regret that I didn't record what he said.I should have taken it down and send it to his wife :D. What do you think? It really made my day :)


  1. aww what a blessed wife :) may we both be blessed with wonderful husbands like him n the future yean xo

  2. yeah:) so lovely right. Yes you and I will,hehe.