Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A scary yet memorable winter

This winter is driving me nuts!!!Now I looked back, it did wake me up from a nightmare that I have never thought I would diagnose with a kind of rash called PITYRIASIS ROSEA . It is somehow so freaking scary just by looking at it, will show you some pics.
My palms, trust me is more that what you see in this pic
They are all over my body such as trunks, arms, under arms, palms,hands and legs, as well as neck!!!Can you imagine all those bumpy red dots spreading all over you and IT LOOKS EXTREMELY NASTY!!!
My superb boy friend without even a single knowledge of medical told me off that I could have Pityriasis Rosea before consulting any GPs or Dermatologist. haha....I simply didn't take his words because he might be wrong??? oh now, I appreciate him, and I call him a DOCTOR now, even he isn't...because he knew it simply by doing a research and checking on my skin condition, Isn't he smart?haha!! Imagine I didn't know what they are at the first to second weeks till it got worst, and I really can't stand it, hence go for a check up, AND seriously being an outsiders in Australia is such a disadvantage. I got to bear the high medical costs without any medicare cover, few hundreds just gone in few seconds! It is ridiculous :(.. Here the testimony I was so worried till I had few sleepless night and waking up at night to check if condition getting any serious (that is before going to a doctor). I called my family and also few close one to pray for me, and thank God..I waking up each morning with such a great improvement in me seeing the red scaly flaky and bumpy dots fading plus "God gives me the wisdom asking me to consult a dermatologist immediately". Today, I am all well getting the protection from Jesus and confirmation from Dr. Sturt that I got a viral rash called Pityriasis Rosea. This rash will take up to 6 to 12 weeks to heal by itself and there is no medication for it, HOWEVER the good thing is it strikes ONCE and for all:) It took me some guts to blog bout this but thinking to ease the unfortunate/S worries, it is all worthwhile. Trust me, it is a faith challenging experience :) But I still need to praise God for his wonder healing:)

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