Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I guess I am really tired. Is not physically, but mentally exhausted. Been through days that I never expected it would turn out to be. Heard of words that just pierced through your heart without a hint. How pathetic is it!

Have you ever being trusted and then being treated as someone who is worthless without reasons the next day? Well, this is what I have gone through these few weeks. I had a mood swing and emotions like a weather. I didn't want to, but was forced to.

People just kind of forgot all the things you had done for them and be there for them when they need help. They just swipe you off when they are able to fly, how cruel it is. I can't do anything because this is not at my control at all. I seriously wish it was just a dream because I still take you as someone I respect at this moment.

Maybe you think you have give in, but I need to remind you " You have nothing to lose", in fact you have just gain a profit or even an asset that benefit you.

- I don't think I know you now, because you have changed to a completely different person who I never thought of-

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